Step-By-Step Guide

**For best personalization results, we recommend using a laptop or desktop and Internet Explorer browser (for PC users) and Safari browser (for Mac users).  We can not guarantee the personalization tool will work well using a handheld device (ipad, tablet, phone).**

Our easy to use online Personalization screen allows you to upload photographs, adjust, rotate or zoom their position and customize text for a personal message and/or family name. Complete the following steps to personalize your selected card:

  1. Within the product page, hit the blue Custom and Add to Cart button.
  2. On the left side of the screen, you will see the front of the card you wish to personalize (the sample text will be replaced with your personal text as you complete the steps below). On the right side of the screen, you will see the methods by which you may personalize the card via a photo upload and/or text boxes. You will also find tabs across the top right of the screen to click through the FRONT, INSIDE, BACK of your card to personalize those areas.
  3. To upload a photo, click “Add Your Photo” on the right side of your screen. Click “Upload Photo” and select your desired photo and then click “Upload Image.” Your image will appear within the card on the left side of your screen. If your image does not appear, recheck your photo dimensions and resolution. You may need to adjust those items to meet our photo submission requirements. See the Photo Submission section below or in the FAQ for the requirements. Also note that uploading times may vary depending on the size of your photo and your internet speed. You will see a “Loading…” icon appear as your photo is uploading. Do not click “Upload” more than once.  If you are having trouble uploading a photo and you have ensured your photo dimensions conform to our standards, please exit the customization screen and begin at step 1 again.  If your photo still does not upload after restarting, please visit our Troubleshooting section below.
  4. You may zoom, rotate or move your image within the preview card to properly position the photo. You may do so by using the buttons within the photo box or you may resize or zoom in or out by using the corner arrows on the photo itself. You may also click on the image and move it side to side or up and down. 
  5. Please ensure your photo fills the entire box or the entire front or back of the card, as indicated via the sample card on the product page. You may need to zoom your photo in order for it completely fill the area specified. 
  6. To personalize a message and/or name on the card, click “Add Your Text” on the right side of the screen and then click within the text box. You do not need to highlight the current sample text in the box.  Begin typing and the sample text will disappear; it is only in the text box to give you guidance when previewing the card on the left side of the screen. In order to keep with the intended card design, please type your text using upper or lower case letters as it appears in the text box.  All text boxes require text to be entered.  Sample text will not be printed on your final card.  You will not be able to “Finalize” your card until all text boxes have been completed.
  7. Certain text boxes will allow you to type text on multiple lines. Make sure you hit the “Return” button on your keyboard when you want a line to appear below the current text line you’re typing. The preview program will not know when you want the second and third lines to appear. You will need to hit “Return” to separate those lines appropriately.
  8. After you have personalized your selected card, please look over all sides (Flat cards: FRONT and BACK; Folded cards: FRONT, INSIDE TOP, INSIDE BOTTOM and BACK) and ensure the text is entered correctly and the photo is positioned correctly. Please note that Dixie is not responsible for reprinting cards that have incorrect text or photos that are not uploaded according to our photo submission guidelines.
  9. Click “Finalize.”  Please ensure all components of your card (photo position, quality, text entered) are complete and correct before you click Finalize.  You will not be able to preview your card again after you exit this screen.
  10. You will be taken to the Cart screen. At this point you may check out or you may continue shopping by clicking on a category along the top of your screen.
  11. To order personalized Envelopes to accompany your cards, go back to your selected card product page. You will see Matching Products:  Custom Envelopes just above the blue Customize and Add to Cart button. Click on the Custom Envelope link and it will guide you through the personalization of that item.
  12. You may order coordinating Gift Tags in the same way as described in item #11.

If the card details look slightly fuzzy or pixelated in the customization screen, please do not worry your card will print that way.  The customization screen is used for uploading your photos and entering your text; the high resolution, clear (not fuzzy or pixelated) print file is generated after you click “Finalize.” 

Photo Submission

Please note that Dixie does not take responsibility for the quality of customers’ photos. It is fully the customer’s responsibility to ensure uploaded photographs meet our photo submission standards. We will not reprint cards due to poor image quality.

Each uploaded photo should meet the following minimum standards:

Picture resolution: Your photo should have a resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch) in order to ensure premium printing quality.

File sizeThe minimum file size will be indicated on your card photo upload screen if the image is too small.  If you receive this "warning," please make the appropriate adjustments to your photo and re-upload. Photos may not be larger than 20 MB (megabytes).  

Photo formats: JPEG, JPG and PNG