Rachel Rogers

Rachel Rogers

Rachel Rogers is an artist and designer known for her whimsical and elegant work. She is a San Francisco native with roots on both the east and west coasts. Having attended Colgate University as well as Parsons School of Design, she began her creative career in book cover design and has been in love with print ever since. Explorations with ink and watercolors eventually lead to a focus illustration and stationery designed in the playful style she has become known for. Town and Country magazine has named her one of the best Wedding Invitation Illustrators in the country and her work has appeared in other prominent publications as well. When she’s not painting, Rachel loves to spend time at the beach with her husband, their daughter and their spunky little dog.

Rachel's Questionnaire

Dream destination: Surfing in Morocco

Magical place: Parts of Yosemite National Park

Ideal dinner date: Bill Watterson or Amelia Earhart 

Favorite album: Anything by Fleetwood Mac 

Recommended read: My Side of the Mountain by Jean George

Favorite recent film: I recently re-watched Casablanca, a favorite classic

Favorite foods: Bread, cheese and anything Mexican

Favorite color: I switch between various shades of blue

Beach or mountains: We live at the beach and it’s total heaven

Prized possession: Does my daughter count?

One should never: Call anyone after 9 PM

Road trip game: Snacking

Hidden talent: I can make excellent salad dressing

Perfect cup of joe: Black 

Childhood dream: Becoming a veterinarian or a pirate

Creative fuel: Little things, like a color or a shape I happen upon

Preferred tool of the trade: My Wacom drawing tablet and my calligraphy pen

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