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Willa Heart

Willa Heart is the brainchild of artist and designer Alyssa Jill Harris. Alyssa was born and raised in Boston, MA but recently relocated to Camden, SC with her husband. After being diagnosed at a young age as Dyslexic, Alyssa’s mother (whose middle name is Willa) immersed her in the arts knowing her strengths would lie outside of the classroom. Alyssa credits her dyslexia for allowing her see the world differently which has made her extra creative. Alyssa has attended University of Hartford Art School, School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, North Bennet Street School, & Boca Raton Museum Art School.

Willa's Questionnaire

Dream destination: Japan!

Magical place: Palm Springs or The Greenbrier

Ideal dinner date: Jonathan Chebon

Favorite album: The Phantom of the Opera soundtrack

Favorite film: Atomic Blonde

Power color: Pink!

Beach or mountains: Mountains

Favorite foods: Sushi, Cheeseburgers, 7 Layer Dip

Inspiration: Pretty old movies

One should always: Write thank you notes!

Favorite road trip game: Does signing to every song count?

Go to hostess gift: Champagne

Childhood dream: An artist!

Creative fuel: My dyslexia

Tool of the trade: 2H Pencil. I am obsessed.

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