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Introducing our 2019 Holiday Collection!

I am thrilled to introduce you to Dixie's 2019 Holiday Collection! Our fifth annual holiday collection is comprised of over 120 card suites that feature 20 different artists. We are incredibly proud of this collection's breadth of design styles including exotic prints inspired by destinations faraway, vintage-inspired illustrations, as well as many traditional holiday elements. We also love the rich red hues woven throughout the collection's designs this year. 

This year’s collection allows us to introduce you to four new Dixie artists. Riley Sheehey brings her darling illustrations to each of her card designs. We love her playful patterns and are excited to also have two wrapping paper designs by her - Nutcracker Toile and Blue ChristmasAshley Begley, a former illustrator for Lilly Pulitzer, has created some gorgeous lush crests and patterns found in her card designs. We love the chic and exotic combination of her designs. Abby Jessup might be a newer name to you. Her charming illustrations hail from inspirations from her travels in England. Finally, our very own Design Director, Lucy Young, shares her beautiful watercolors and calligraphy in our collection this year. We hope you will love these new additions as much as we do!

Also as part of our holiday collection, we had the privilege of working with a fantastic group of Tastemakers who each brought some beautiful ideas to our artists' drawing tables. From chinoiserie details, to coastal motifs, to designs inspired by block print and tailored linens, we cannot wait for for you to explore all of this year's Tastemaker Collection.

In preparation for all of your holiday gift wrapping, be sure to shop our twelve holiday wrapping paper designs, and do not forget that we now offer wrapping paper, greeting cards, and gift tags to retailers through our wholesale line



Holly Hollon, Dixie's Creative Consultant

View our new Holiday Collection by visiting our homepage and clicking on the Holiday menu and then 2019 Holiday Collection. You can access all our cards, including those from previous collections, under the Holiday menu as well. Click the images to shop each of the featured suites below. 

Dressing your Little Ones for Holiday Card Portraits

Tis the season for checking those Christmas family portraits off your holiday to-do list! While it may take dozens of frames and multiple forms of bribery to get that perfect snapshot of your little ones, we know the real work begins even before the photography session commences! Choosing your children's outfits for their photography session is an important part of the process, whether you aim for all their clothes to effortlessly coordinate or you would rather have them simply dress in a seasonally fashionable manner.

Little English children's clothing is one of our favorites when it comes to shopping for our little ones' outfits! They have adorable holiday clothing options that you can shop on their website and in over 300 boutiques across the United States. Little English founder and designer, Shannon Latham, has kindly shared her advice for dressing your children for your holiday card photo: 

  • As the founder and designer, I believe children should be well dressed as children in styles that are sweet and celebrate childhood.
  • It’s not all about red and green! Don’t be afraid of a softer color palette for these photos. We have a lovely Pleats Collection this season that is made on light blue corduroy that can be worn all season long.
  • Remember to ask your photographer to be continuously shooting. Some of the sweetest moments happen between the poses and capture your children in a more natural way.
  • Mom to mom -- check kiddos for marker stains and remove nail polish a few days in advance!

We've included below some of our favorite Little English outfits paired with a few of our holiday cards. The options are endless but we hope this helps and inspires you to create a holiday card you love!

Green Greek Key Card | Candy Cane Ruffle Dress.

Citrus Clementine Card | Audrey Dress.

English Ivy Card | Feather Stitch Banded Shorts Set.

Green Paper Whites Card | Holly Peter Pan Bubble.

Holiday Pears Border Card | Audrey Dress.

Pomegranate Blue Holiday Card | Light Blue Peter Pan Bubble.

Twelve Days of Christmas Card | Holly Feather Stitch Short SetHolly Peter Pan Bubble.

Angel Garland Pink Card | Audrey Dress.

Candy Canes Card | Candy Cane Crochet T-ShirtJam Panty.

Tulip Berry Card | Feather Stitch Banded Shorts Set.












Dogwood Hill's Guide to Spectacular Holiday Cards & Invitations

The Dogwood Hill team has pulled together a list of answers to frequently asked questions and some advice from our card designers as a guide for our customers to reference when they create their Holiday cards. Here are our suggestions for addressing and creating holiday cards...
  • Proper Plural - Use the plural form of your last name and not the possessive form (Correct:  The Collier Family or The Colliers; Incorrect:  The Colliers’ or Collier’s).  The only proper use of the possessive form is when the invitation reads:  "Please join us at The Colliers’ Home.” We see this mistake a lot and we don’t want it to happen to you!
  • Proper Way to List Names - We prefer to list the husband first, then the wife, followed by children oldest to youngest.
  • That Pesky Comma - The Oxford comma is common practice for every day use, but it can sometimes be unnecessary and even distracting on a holiday card. We like the way this name list looks without the Oxford comma on a holiday card:
Merry Christmas!
The Holland Family
Henry, Anna Beth and George
  • Monograms - We recommend using a single letter monogram of the family last name. If you are a newly married couple, you might want to use your married three letter monogram. If you’re an engaged couple sending a holiday card or a party invitation that includes a monogram, the bride’s initials should be used or the couples first name initials and not the married monogram.
  • Addressing Families on the Envelope - We think either "Mr. and Mrs. John Smith" or "The Smith Family" could work! Using "The Smith Family" includes everyone if the couple has children. 
  • The Best Photo - Make sure your photo is high resolution and good quality so it will print well.  Remember the photo you see on your computer screen or on your phone is backlit and will appear brighter than it will print.  So please ensure you do not use a dark photo when customizing your card.
  • Photo Logistics - Fill the entire photo box with your photo and zoom in or out to get it placed exactly where you want it. If you zoom too much though, it could reduce the sharpness of your photo. You may click on the photo and move it around or use the buttons on the personalization screen. You may also click the CORNERS of your photo and resize but never click on the SIDES of the photo to move it around as it will distort the photo. If you accidentally do that, re-upload your photo and start again.
  • Don't forget to order some extra cards! We think it is nice to have some extras to send out to someone who sent you a card and you did not have them on your original list.

For Holiday Invitations

  • No Zip Needed - No need to include the zip code on an invitation, only include on the envelope return address.
  • RSVP - When requesting a reply on an invitation, include "Please Reply" or “RSVP" and not "Please RSVP” as that is asking the recipient to Please Respond Please!

 Photo: Mandy Busby Creative

Styling Your Holiday Cards

It’s finally that time of year! Your mailbox receives holiday cheer each day in the form of personalized Christmas cards from friends and family. Often times, these thoughtful cards get misplaced or placed into a stack, but why not decorate your home with these festive greetings? Our stylist, Augusta, has collected a few ideas to help you deck your halls with your holiday cards this season. 

Deck the Mantle: The fireplace is the anchor of most living rooms, and its mantle should represent your own personal style and design. This year, try decorating your mantle with some of your favorite cards you receive! Start by laying out the foundation of the design with one large centerpiece, maybe an art deco mirror, or family photo. Next, incorporate decorative pieces like vases, candlesticks, and other trinkets. Add in some fresh garland and maybe some white twinkle lights to bring in the holiday spirit. Finally, add in your holiday cards from friends and family! Prop the cards against the decorative pieces, grab a small picture frame holder, or even stand them up within the tinsel. Not only will your mantle look perfect for the holiday season, but your friends and family will gush over your displayed cards!

Frame a Favorite: 
Consider framing one of your favorite holiday cards! Whether it’s your own personal card, or an illustration from another card, there are plenty of beautiful designs to keep as decoration throughout the year. Our fabulous designer and illustrator, Sarah Robins Powell, has created some incredible paintings for her designs. Sarah’s “Advent” design is a perfect example. Frame this beauty in a gold frame, display in your
entryway or mantle and enjoy it year round!

There’s nothing like fresh tinsel to make your home feel perfectly festive. Whether you adorn your mantle or create a wreath, there are plenty of ways to incorporate garland around the house during the holiday season. By using wooden clothespins, or even gold paper clips, you can attach each Christmas card to the greenery as you receive them in the mail. If the garland is hanging from the stairwell, or doorway, loop a thin piece of ribbon behind each card in order to hang them off the greenery. Add some twinkle lights to make things merry and bright!

Decorative board:
If you are looking to decorate your entryway, or even an available space in your kitchen, try displaying your Christmas cards on a decorative bulletin board, magnetic chalkboard, or lattice board.  If you can’t find a decorative display board to compliment the interior of your home, they are actually quite simple to make! Check out the handmade bulletin boards we created for our very own Dixie Design holiday card display.

Ribbon: Want to keep things festive, without going through too much trouble? Simply attach your favorite style of ribbon, or yarn, down the center of your kitchen cabinet, or pantry door! Then attach your Christmas cards with wooden clothespins, metal clips, or even paperclips.  Attach a little ornament, or sleigh bell, to the bottom of each ribbon, for a small festive touch.

Tree: We love the idea of having multiple Christmas trees in your home. Hang your Christmas cards (or pin them) to a small Christmas tree in your entryway, or dining room. If you need something for a table top surface, try adding some branches or curly willow to a blue and white ginger jar, and hanging your cards from the branches. Your guests will love how you decorated your home with cards from loved ones!

We love saving our holiday cards in a memory box or keepsake album to remember our family and friends who sent us a card, or wrap each year up with a ribbon to organize them. Each Christmas you can pull them out and display; it makes for a fun conversation starter at a holiday party. Our Dixie Design photographer, Mandy Busby, keeps her cards in a decorative container in her kitchen. During the weeks following that holiday season, her family takes a moment to pick a card out of the box and pray for the family/friends on the card. However you decide to display or decorate with them, we hope each card you receive brings you joy!

Holiday Card Traditions

Baking Bandits

A Plate of Cookies and Unique Cards Make it Easy to Spread Cheer This Year

Before braving the crowds to find memorable gifts, before picking out the perfect tree, and long before polishing the silver and dusting the china, there’s one treasured tradition to attend to: writing and sending your holiday cards. We like to make an afternoon of it–put on a pot of tea, test out a batch of Santa-worthy cookies, and spread the cheer.

But first you have to find the cards.

Since 1843, when the first commercially-produced Christmas card went into the post in England, the tradition of sending holiday greetings has spread all over the world. Millions and millions of Christmas cards are sold every year in the United States. It’s tough to find a mantel-worthy card, and custom design can often be quite expensive. Whether it’s a missive to friends far away, or a howdy to a neighbor seen on a daily basis, holiday cards are more than a way to catch up with old friends and spread goodwill–they’re tangible, often beautiful evidence of wonderful relationships and acquaintances fostered over the years.

This year, however, take a few moments to enjoy the tradition, because Dixie Design Collective is here to help. Our artists and calligraphers create beautiful, personalized products that you’ll be proud to slip into your mailbox. Perhaps a lovely tri-fold card, like this playful “Reindeer and Sleigh” design by artist Sarah Ragan, which can be personalized with photos and a message of your choosing. Possibly the whimsy of the “My Favorite Things” card is more your style–this design by artist Sarah Robbins Powell can also be custom-ordered to include your own photo and genial messages. Whatever you choose, our designs will be on your doorstep within two weeks.

This holiday season, we’ll be sitting down to write our cards with a plate of buttery, jammy strawberry streusel cookies from our friends at local company Baking Bandits, who were kind enough to share their (definitely Santa-worthy) wares with us. Find their delicious baked goods at Octane, and look forward to the opening of Feast & Forest in downtown Birmingham in late fall.

Whatever your card-writing tradition may be, relax and enjoy it because this year, we’ve got you covered.